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December 7, 2015

MMDA Launches Anti-Traffic Obstruction “Netizens’ Watch”

     The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will launch tomorrow, December 8, a social media reporting system wherein the public can report illegally parked vehicles and other forms of obstruction, including road diggings, along major thoroughfares in the metropolis, including the Mabuhay Lanes.

     Dubbed as the ‘Netizens’ Watch’, MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos said the social media campaign aims to muster the support of the public and private sectors in reporting to the agency all traffic obstructions on all roads in Metro Manila.

     Under the virtual complaint desk, motorists can take a picture of the traffic obstructions-- including illegal vendors’ stalls, basketball courts, gambling tables and structures that encroach the sidewalk and unfinished road repairs--post them on Twitter, and tag the official MMDA Twitter account, @MMDA. Motorists can also access the MMDA Viber Hotline 09061476975 to report the traffic obstructions.

     The report should include the name of the sender and the actual picture including the detailed location where the illegally parked vehicle or the obstruction was spotted and the time when it was taken.

     The MMDA Twitter and Viber teams will immediately verify all the information upon receipt of the report and forward it to the Agency’s Traffic Discipline Office (TDO) headed by Director Crisanto Saruca, who will dispatch personnel to clear the area, or instruct contractors to patch the road diggings (upon the start of the Moratorium on Road Constructions on December 14).

     The TDO will also entertain complaints of mulcting by erring traffic personnel, vowing to stamp out bad eggs in the ranks especially during the Yuletide Season.

     The composite team, consists of MMDA and police personnel, is scheduled to comb through the Mabuhay Lanes from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily to ensure the routes are free of traffic obstructions.


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