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November 5, 2015


     The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and Philippine National Police- Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) will vigorously be clearing the 17 Mabuhay Lanes of all traffic obstructions all-year round, a top level government official said.
     During media briefing on Wednesday at the MMDA main office in Makati City, Cabinet Secretary Jose Rene Almendras said the government will be relentlessly getting rid of all obstructions along the Mabuhay Lanes until such time that order and smooth traffic flow have been restored in the streets.
     “’Di ko alam hanggang kailan dahil 10,000 cars kada buwan kaya hindi na Christmas Lanes ang tawag so Mabuhay Lanes. We need to move people in Metro Manila until we build new bridges across Pasig and expand of all those, there will be room,“Almendras said.
     “Sana po mainitidihan ng tao ito. Hindi po naming ginagawa ito para mabuwiset ng tao para gumaang ang pagbiyahe ng karamihan na bumabiyahe sa Metro Manila…I’m sorry we have to do it and we have to stop Edsa for 30 minutes and 36,000 vehicles have to move. That’s why we have to clear the Mabuhay Lanes,” he said, referring to the road closures during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.
     The government originally set the duration of the clearing operations along the Mabuhay Lanes from Nov. 2, 2015 until Jan. 2, 2016.
     MMDA has previously come up with the alternate routes for Edsa, which it eventually called Christmas Lanes, in an effort to decongest the major thoroughfare of vehicular traffic during the Holiday rush and the forthcoming APEC meetings.
     MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos said that the Mabuhay Lane routes have already been declared by the Metro Manila Council, the policy-making body of the agency composed of the 17 Metro mayors, as no-parking zones.
     “6 a.m. to 9 p.m. operations ng task force clearing but 24 hours bawal talaga pumarada dahil kalsada ‘yan,” Carlos said, noting there is a team monitoring the area if there are still parked vehicles or residents have placed some obstructions along the routes.
      He said there will be no issue in towing the illegal parked vehicles to the MMDA’s impounding area in Ultra, Pasig City since the owners could readily pay the fine for the infraction.
     “Pwede naman nila tubusin. Hindi naman ‘yan yung mga colorum vehicles na stay longer sa impounding,” Carlos said.
     Aside from the motor vehicles, the MMDA-HPG clearing team has also been confiscating the stalls of ambulant vendors and basketball court rings along the Mabuhay Lanes.
     For those claiming to have secured permits to use the roads as vending area from barangay officials, Almendras has challenged residents to produce such document.
     “Sana magbigay sila ng permit at Makita naming kung sino barangay captain. Gustong- gusto naming malaman kung sinong barangay captain ang nag-issue ng permit nayan kasi baka hindi na siya barangay captain,” Almendras said.




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