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September 24, 2015

Private Car Driver Sideswipes MMDA Traffic Enforcer On Duty Along Edsa

Two members of the Philippine National Police - Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) are now in hot water for manhandling a Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic enforcer over a confiscated driver's license in Quezon City.

In his sworn statement to MMDA's Traffic Discipline Office, Traffic Auxilliary Leon Trinidad accused a certain Police Senior Inspector Maranion and a subordinate, whom he failed to identify, of mauling him on September 22 around 7 p.m. after he failed to produce the driver's license of Mark Nicolas.

Trinidad said he was just fetched by HPG personnel at the Quezon Ave. U-turn slot and brought to the Quezon Ave. split to act as messenger in bringing the driver's licenses of apprehended motorists to Traffic Constable Baldomero Capulo Jr. for issuance of Unified Ordinance Violation Receipt.

He said there were three apprehensions made that night and he never came back to Quezon Ave. split and remained at the Quezon Avenue U-turn slot.

However, around 8:30 p.m., Trinidad said Nicolas accosted him looking for his driver's license which was confiscated by a member of HPG.

Trinidad said he politely told Nicolas that he does not have the driver's license.

Nicolas left and went to the PNP-HPG personnel who demanded that Trinidad produce the driver's license.

"Pinagpipilitan na nasa akin yung license at galit na galit at pinagbantaan pa ako," he said in his affidavit.

Moments later, Trinidad said Maranion and his companion arrived at the scene and talked to him and two other traffic enforcers.

Suddenly, Maranion's companion hit Trinidad with the helmet on the chest. Maranion also joined the fray by kicking Trinidad's legs and hitting him with a handheld radio while Nicolas watched the commotion.

Maranion also confiscated Trinidad and two other MMDA personnel's IDs before leaving area.

Emerson Carlos, MMDA Assistant General Manager for Operations, said the agency has already referred the incident to the legal department for appropriate action against the abusive PNP-HPG personnel.

"We will not let this thing happen to our people who are merely doing their jobs," Carlos said.


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